Dog Dewormer Cancer – Can Dog Dewormer Kill Cancer?

The medical community is no closer to finding a cure for cancer than it has been in decades. That has led many researchers and doctors to pursue alternative methods.

One such method involves the use of dog dewormer cancer, which is an anthelmintic drug. Peer-reviewed studies have shown it to be effective in killing parasites that can cause cancer, such as pinworms.

Fenbendazole (FZ) is the most common anthelmintic for dogs and cats. It’s used to treat intestinal parasites and worms, including roundworms, tapeworms, whipworms, hookworms and a variety of flukes. It’s also been found to prevent tumor growth and kill some forms of cancer in lab animals.

A TikTok video posted in 2019 by an unlicensed veterinarian recounted the story of a human patient who took FZ to fight small-cell lung cancer that had spread to his organs and bones. The patient, Joe Tippens, reportedly took the medication alongside other supplements, such as CBD and bioavailable curcumin, to improve his odds of success.

After three months of the regimen, a PET scan showed that his cancer had disappeared. He later told a TV news crew that his treatment plan was simple: take the medicine seven days a week and supplement with vitamins and minerals. He has since shared his cancer-curing protocol with other patients and published it online. He hasn’t sworn off chemotherapy, however, because he doesn’t want his family to have to live without him. dog dewormer cancer

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