How Magnetic Signs Can Elevate Vehicle Visibility

Magnetic signs offer a simple and effective alternative to traditional signage options. Designed to use permanent flexible magnetic sheeting, these products are custom-manufactured or feature standard features to meet specific usage and processing needs. They are ideal for businesses that need to advertise where they go but do not have the opportunity or budget to install a full-sized exterior sign.

While they are not the solution for every application, magnetic signs can elevate the visibility of a company car or van to provide more eye-catching and effective advertising on the road. Unlike traditional exterior signage, these products can be applied and removed without harming or compromising the integrity of the vehicle surface.

When using this product, care should be taken to ensure the magnetic cling is secure and free of dirt, debris or moisture. This will prevent the product from sticking to the vehicle panels and will increase longevity. It is also recommended that the vehicle be allowed to reach room temperature (60 degrees or above) before applying, removing, or repositioning Magnetic Signs.

These signs are also highly versatile, allowing them to be used on a variety of vehicles and for numerous purposes. They can be a great solution for waste management, property security, or as a general safety tool to communicate surveillance and deter trespassing. They are particularly useful for communicating temporary messages, because they can be quickly applied and removed from the vehicle. To maximize the impact of these products, we recommend that contact information be easy to read and placed in a prominent position. magnetic signs

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