Is Fenbendazole Safe For Humans?

Fenbendazole is a medication that has been used for decades to treat worms and parasites in animals. It is very safe for human use (it’s not approved by the FDA but similar medications like mebendazole have). Although this animal medicine hasn’t been officially studied in cancer patients, many people report positive results from using the fenbendazole protocol.

The drug works by targeting multiple cellular pathways that cause cancer, stopping the growth of tumors and killing them. One way it does this is by disrupting microtubules and triggering apoptosis, which causes cells to die. It also limits glucose uptake by preventing hexokinase 2 from working, starving cancer cells of their energy source. Additionally, it restores the function of p53, a natural tumor suppressor gene. It is thought that p53 is often inactivated in cancers, and that by activating it, fenbendazole can cause cancer cell death.

A number of studies have shown that fenbendazole can also inhibit tumor growth in animals and cell cultures. It appears to be particularly effective against lung cancers. In a study conducted on mice, fenbendazole reduced tumor volume by more than half and caused the cells to die.

Another promising finding is that fenbendazole induces autophagy and necroptosis in colorectal cancer cells. Immunoblots of these cells showed that fenbendazole increased Beclin-1 expression, which is important for the process of autophagy. The cells also displayed signs of apoptosis and ferroptosis. Moreover, fenbendazole was more effective against p53 mutant colorectal cancer cells than wild-type p53 cells.fenbendazole for humans

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