What Is a Marijuana Store?

A marijuana store, also known as a dispensary or cannabis shop, sells medical and recreational marijuana products. They offer customers a range of different cannabis products, such as marijuana flower, edibles, vape juice, and accessories. They may also sell their own branded products, such as tinctures and ointments. Marijuana stores also often feature their own budtenders, who can help customers make decisions about what to buy and provide information on how to use their new products.

In order to purchase marijuana, customers must present identification and a state-issued medical or recreational cannabis card. Then, they can walk around the store and examine the available products to find what suits their needs. They can ask questions of the budtenders and even try out different products until they find the one that works for them.

Flo isn’t just a place to pick up your pot; it’s an embodiment of the perfect cannabis experience. And that commitment to progress shows up in everything from the ever-rotating stock that guarantees freshness to the personable staff who effortlessly bridge knowledge with empathy.

This nonprofit shop is the first legal cannabis store to open in the city, and it’s aiming to set a model for others to follow. Housing Works officials hope the store will help them raise money for their programs that benefit people living with HIV and AIDS, homeless people, and formerly incarcerated people. Mayor Bill de Blasio, who campaigned on a tough-on-crime platform that included boosting police funding, has been supportive of the store’s efforts. marijuana store

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